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Star sapphire properties

star sapphire history and healing properties
"Adelaide" ring with pink star sapphire

The Star Sapphire is a corundum, like other sapphires, but it has tiny rutile inclusions that cause an optical effect called asterism. It allows you to see a star shape in the sapphire, which is usually only appreciated during the cabochon cut. Typically, this star has 6 branches, but in some cases, 12 rays can be found.

The Star Sapphire is distinguished by the presence of tiny rutile inclusions that create a remarkable optical phenomenon called asterism. This phenomenon creates a star visible to the naked eye, usually when it is cut in a cabochon style. This star, which typically has six branches, can sometimes have twelve rays in exceptional cases.
Asterism is a rare and sought-after phenomenon in the world of gemstones because it gives the sapphire a unique and fascinating appearance. The rutile inclusions, which are responsible for this effect, are often called "star needles" because of their elongated appearance and their ability to reflect light in a particular way.
When the sapphire is cut in a cabochon style, these inclusions are aligned to form a distinct star, which can be observed under direct light.
Asterism is often considered a sign of quality in sapphires because it demonstrates the purity and transparency of the stone. Star sapphires are often used in jewelry to create unique and spectacular pieces that attract attention and inspire admiration.

This occurrence can be observed in all sapphires, meaning it is available in all color varieties of this gemstone. Star sapphires are often associated with deep and rich colors, such as blue, purple, and black, but they can also be found in lighter and more vibrant shades, like pink, yellow, and green.

The term "cat’s eye sapphire" is also sometimes used for this gemstone.

History, legends and beliefs about star sapphire

In general, the Star Sapphire has always been perceived as much more than a mere gemstone. It is often regarded as a powerful protection, a talisman of good fortune, and a valuable guide for intrepid travelers. The unique shape of its star evokes the image of a protective shield, capable of repelling negative energies and providing a sense of security.
Furthermore, this star, resembling a celestial constellation, appears to move through its changing reflections, thus offering subtle guidance for the orientation of travelers lost in the twists and turns of the unknown. This profound symbolism has ensured the Star Sapphire a special place in ancient cultures, where it was revered for its protective properties and its connections with the mystical forces of the universe.

Healing properties and benefits of star sapphire

In addition to its remarkable aesthetic properties, the Star Sapphire is often associated with protective and healing virtues.

  • It is said that the Star Sapphire possesses the properties of the sapphire of its color, but amplified and intensified. This means that the qualities traditionally attributed to sapphires, such as wisdom, mental clarity, and inner peace, are enhanced in the Star Sapphire.
  • The Star Sapphire is renowned for being an important protection against various types of radiation, including microwaves, waves emitted by cell phones, and Wi-Fi networks. This property is particularly appreciated in the modern world, where people are constantly exposed to these types of radiation. By wearing a Star Sapphire, one can feel protected and balanced, while benefiting from its aesthetic and spiritual qualities.


⚠ Please note that all healing properties presented for gemstones are gathered from various sources. This information is provided as a service and is not intended to treat medical conditions. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for serious medical issues and not to rely solely on gemstones as a treatment.

Star sapphire jewelry samples

Adelaide, medieval ring in sterling silver and star sapphire

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