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Just like flowers bring a message, colors we wear talk about us. A color can influence our emotions and our actions. We are naturally attracted by a personal spectrum that means something for us.

Creating a jewel starting from a color that has a meaning for you will allow you to express your personality as well as transmitting a message to the subconscient of people surrounding you.


  • The characteristics of colors vary from one culture to another and translate different feelings according to the part of the world where you are.
  • A multicolored stone will be less expressive and symbolic than a monochrome stone because of the amount of colors it sports.

Symbolism and properties of black stones

Black symbolizes protection and darkness. It is the color symbolizing seriousness and solemnity. Black evokes protection, luxe and exclusivity. Black is formed by the complete absorption of light, acting like a sponge. Therefore, it is used to calm down or soothe excesses.

Examples of black stones: astrophyllite, black disthene, ilvaite, black jasper, nuummite, black obsidians, black onyx, shungite, black spinel, black tourmaline

Symbolism and properties of blue stones:

Blue evokes the sky and the ocean, slumber and twilight. In the Antiquity, Egyptians would use lapis-lazuli as a symbol of the sky. Blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity, spirituality, harmony, inner peac, calmness and logic. It is a soothing colo and would help sleeping.

Example of blue colored stones: blue lace agate, aquamarine, angelite, blue apatite, blue aragonite, benitoite, blue chalcedony, Celestine, chrysocolla, covellite, dumortierite, hemimorphite, blue kyanite, lapis-lazuli, larimar, blue opal, blue quartz, blue sapphire, shattuckite, sodalite, turquoise, tanzanite…

Symbolism and properties of light blue stones

Light blue and more particularly turquoise, is the symbole of youth and communication. It evokes appeasement, health, trust and strength.

Examples of light blue stones: aquamarine, chalcedony, blue calcite, labradorite, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, turquoise

Symbolism and properties of dark blue stones

Dark blue is compared to the sky, to the celestial, to immaterial, to moderation and truth. It brings harmony, inner peace and soothes nervosity.

Examples of dark blue stones: azurite, labradorite, lapis-lazuli, blue sapphire, blue tourmaline

Symbolism and properties of brown colors

It is the color of earth associated to material and life. It is a conventional color. It is the symbol of stability, like earth. The brown color structures and gives a feeling of security. Like earth, brown evokes strong roots allowing growth.

Brown can also be interpreted in a negative way if it is too present. It would show a repressed person.

Examples of brown stones: brown agate, aragonite, axinite, petrified wood, bronzite, chiastolite, tiger eye, smoky quartz, stromatolithe, brown tourmaline

Symbolism, and properties of golden stones:

The golden color is the symbol of spiritual richness, of health and optimism.

Examples of golden stones: gold, pyrite…

Symbolism and properties of green stones:

The green color is the symbol of life in its cyclical aspect such as vegetal growth. Green is the color of nature, fertility and life. It evokes youthfulness, the love of life, calmness, spontaneity, education, softness, balance, perpetual birth, hope and growth. It is a relaxing color reminding self respect.

Examples of green stones: moss agate, amazonite, aventurine, green calcite, green chlorite, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, diopside, emerald, epidote, fuschite, heliotrope, jadeite, nephrite jade, malachite, moldavite, peridot, prehnite, prase quartz, green sardonyx, seraphinite, serpentine, green tourmaline, tsavorite, vesuvianite…

Symbolism and properties of grey color stones

It is the color of nuance, compromise, balance between black and white. It is the pragmatic color evoking security, maturity, fiability and responsibility. For Amerindian, it is the symbol of friendship.

Examples of stones: hematite, galena…

Symbolism and properties of orange stones

Between red (energy) and yellow (blossom), orange is a breath of like. It is the color or rebirth, renew and balance. Orange means vitality and endurance. Its energy is close to the vivid heat of red, but softer and less explosive. It is the color of material pleasure, conviviality, friendship, spontaneity, relational. Orange evokes exploration, curiosity and fosters creativity. Orange also evokes arousal and desire (of like, of food, of sexuality…)

Examples of orange stones: orange amber, orange calcite, carnelian, orange disthene, fire opal, sunstone, spessartine, orange imperial topaz…

Virtues of pink stones
Hiya ring

Symbolism and properties of pink stones

Pink is the color of love, of unconditional friendship, of controlled passion, and of tranquility. It combines the energy of red that is softened by its combination with white color. It symbolizes softness, tenderness, acceptance, and softens agressivity.

Examples of pink stones: chalcedony, dandurite, pink fluorite, pink halite, kunzite, morganite, pink opal, petalite, pink quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodolite, rhodonite, pink sapphire, spinel, pink topaz, pink tourmaline

Symbolism and healing properties of purple stones

Purple is the color of wisdom, magic and royalty. It symbolizes mystery and meditation. Purple is the color of people’s good decisions who want to succeed spiritually. Purple brings dynamism by the presence of red but is controlled by the blue color.

Examples of purple stones: amethyst, charoite, cordierite, purple fluorite, lepidolite, purpurite, lavender quartz, stichtite, sugilite…

Symbolism and properties of red colored stones

Red is the color of blood and fire. It evokes energy, dynamism, courage, strength and will. Red encourages more to action than thinking. It is the color of passion, of love and of life. But this hot color also expresses negative feelings such as anger, eagerness, and lack of thinking. In China, the red color symbolizes prosperity and joy.

Examples of red stones: andesine, red calcite, cinnabar, red coral, eudialyte, garnet, heliotrope, hematite, red jasper, bull's eye, ruby, spinel, vanadinite…

Symbolism and properties of silver color stones

Silver is a shiny grey. It symbolizes inner richness and hidden power. It is the color of transformation and progress.

Example of silver color stones: sterling silver, hematite…

Symbolism and properties of white and transparent stones

White symbolizes purity, knowledge, and spirituality. It evokes softness and soothes the mind. This color also represents kindness, plenitude, achievement, opening, truth, freedom and innocence.

Examples of white and transparent stones: white agate, white aragonite, white chalcedony, rock crystal, diamond, howlite, white kunzite, white opal, opalite, milky quartz, white sapphire, scolecite, white selenite, white topaz, ulexite….

Symbolism and properties of yellow stones

Yellow is the color of the sun and gold. Yellow symbolizes energy, creation, wisdom, joy, happiness, blossoming, dynamism, felicity. The meaning depends on the intensity of yellow: greenish yellow, deception, disorientation, orange yellow, establishment, solidity.

Examples of yellow stones: yellow amber, yellow calcite, honey calcite, chalcopyrite, chrysoberyl, citrine, yellow fluorite, yellow jasper, cat’s eye, tiger eye, lemon quartz, yellow sapphire, sulfur, titanite, imperial topaze…

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

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