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In order to comply with European standards for data protection, we have implemented a cookie manager on our website. This manager allows you to precisely choose which cookies you authorize, and this explanatory page has been designed to answer all your questions regarding our privacy policy and the use of your data.

On our website, we use your information responsibly and securely to respond to your inquiries, quotes, or purchases in the best possible conditions. We ensure that your data is used only within the framework of the services you have requested, notably to allow you to receive your jewelry in the best conditions. We only retain the information necessary for the management of our exchanges, such as your name, and we use it only within the framework of our commercial activities. We also retain your email address to send you our Newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to receive our communications.

As for the cookies we use directly, they are mainly used for statistical purposes to evaluate the success of our site and analyze page views. Other cookies are related to your comfort of use of the site, and we will detail them in the following paragraphs. Please note that you have the option to block all of these cookies at any time using the cookie management console available on our site.

Information, freedom and data protection

We are a small family business where we strive to handle everything ourselves, whether it’s making the jewelry, managing the administration, or maintaining the website. Therefore, it’s only my husband and I, Emmanuelle Guyon, who handle the personal data related to EmmanuelleGuyon.com, whose contact information you can find above. As creators and managers of our site, we pay special attention to the protection of your personal data and the confidentiality of your information.

Design / production / information processing
Post office # 620.
Oaxaca of Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico
Mail: contact@emmanuelleguyon.com

SAS OVH - https://www.ovh.com/
2 Kellermann Street
BP 80157
59100 Roubaix

We only collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us. This means that we do not collect personal data without your knowledge or explicit consent. We strongly believe in transparency and the confidentiality of your information, and we are committed to not using it for purposes other than those for which you have provided it to us.

Your purchases on EmmanuelleGuyon

To successfully complete your purchases on our website and send you your jewelry under the best conditions, it is evident that we need a set of information about you: Name, First Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address...

Most of this information remains in our records for a short time, the time it takes to complete our transaction. It is only shared, if necessary, with our payment service providers or payment security providers (PayPal) and our delivery service providers (post office or private carrier).

From your purchases, we only keep your Last Name and First Name, as well as the product purchased. This allows us to justify our accounting, to know you minimally for future exchanges.

After your purchase, we register your email in our Newsletter program to keep you informed of our offers and products, as any privileged customer you become. You are totally free to unsubscribe as explained in the dedicated newsletter section.

The only information that remains is related to your payment and is therefore kept by PayPal or the relevant banking institution.

Forms, questions about our jewelry and request for quotation

The EmmanuelleGuyon website offers the possibility to ask questions about our jewelry via a form or via our email address: contact@emmanuelleguyon.com. The form only asks for your email address in order to respond to you, and the information you provide to us depends solely on you.

This information is not kept beyond the exchange we have. If it does not result in a sale, we erase all traces. Otherwise, refer to the paragraph "Your purchases on EmmanuelleGuyon."

We want to emphasize that we take the protection of your personal data very seriously and that we only use it within the scope of our business activities. We do not sell or rent your information to third parties, and we do not use it for purposes other than those for which you have provided it to us.

Privileged customers, newsletter

We invite you to sign up for our VIP client list on our website to stay informed about the latest news and promotional offers from our company. As a member of this list, you will periodically receive newsletters containing important information.

To manage this list, we use the services of Mailchimp, an email marketing service provider. Your personal information is securely stored on their platform. When you sign up, only your email address is required.

If you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so by clicking on the "I wish to unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each email you receive from us. You can also contact us directly at the following email address: contact@emmanuelleguyon.com.

Your personal information will be kept as long as you leave it in our possession. We are committed to protecting your data and using it only within the scope of our communication with you.

Delete your personal information

If you would like us to delete the information we have in our possession, namely your name and email address, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: contact@emmanuelleguyon.com. We will process your request as soon as possible and ensure that your personal information is securely deleted in accordance with applicable regulations.

The use of cookies on EmmanuelleGuyon.com

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your hard drive when you visit a website. Cookies allow you to store data about you in order to personalize and facilitate your navigation during your next visits (for example: pages visited, date and time, geographical data, demographic information, password). They also allow our partners to offer you targeted advertising based on your browsing. Cookies can only be viewed or modified by their issuer.

A cookie does not allow us to identify you, it only records your IP address (computer identification number). Cookies do not allow us to know your address, date of birth, phone number, or any other information that could identify you.

Cookies are stored on your computer for a specific period of time depending on their functions.

We present the cookies on our site in two categories: those deposited by our site EmmanuelleGuyon.Com; and those deposited by partners (advertising, social networks...).

EmmanuelleGuyon’s cookies

Name of the cookie

period of validity



12 months

This cookie stores your choices regarding the services and cookies enabled during your browsing on our site. Deleting it will result in the banner reappearing to ask for your preferences again.


When you leave the navigation session.

This cookie contains temporary PHP information necessary for the use of the site’s forms and shopping cart.


About 3 hours

Cookies used by OVH, our hosting provider, to remember the cluster of the shared instance of this site, which prevents the user from being disconnected while surfing from one page to another.

Cookies issued by our partners

To improve the navigation and management of our site, we collaborate with partners whose use we detail in the following paragraphs. However, we cannot guarantee their use, as it does not depend on us. That is why we offer you the possibility to block them via the service manager.

Google analytics:

We use statistics provided by Google Analytics to measure the audience of the EmmanuelleGuyon.com website, understand the site’s traffic, and determine which pages and products are successful. With this information, we can improve our site and its presentation, based on the preferences and behaviors of our visitors.

Name of the cookie

period of validity



From 24 months to a session depending on the cookie

These cookies assign you a personal identification number that allows us to measure the audience of a site and study your behavior on it.

Our site offers you the possibility to block the use of analytics, but you can also do it via this link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en


This set of cookies is not necessarily linked to the use of our site but to the use of Google.

Name of the cookie

period of validity



About 10 months

The NID cookie contains a unique ID that allows Google to record your preferences and other information, including your preferred language. It is also used to personalize ads on Google sites, such as Google search. This cookie is not deposited by our site but is related to your use of Google.



Google advertising cookie used for user tracking and ad targeting.


24 months

These cookies are set by Google. Google extensively tracks users across millions of websites. Google uses this data to understand user interests and sell advertising space to organizations based on such interest profiles, as well as to align ads on content pages where its clients' ads appear.



Security cookie to protect user data against unauthorized access.

Adsenselocale adsenseReferralSourceId


These cookies are used to deliver more relevant ads for you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an ad and to help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

The Google advertising cookies on our site are solely related to the use of the search system. Disabling them renders this system unusable.


These cookies are not related to your use of our site, but to your possession of a Google account.

Name of the cookie

period of validity




These cookies are used by Google accounts for some pages.


These cookies are not related to your use of our site, but to your use of Google.

Name of the cookie

period of validity




These cookies allow the website to remember your choices (such as your username, language, or region) and provide improved and more personalized features. For example, a website may be able to provide you with local weather reports or traffic information by storing the region you are currently in in a cookie. These cookies can also be used to remember the changes you have made to the text size, fonts, and other parts of the web pages that you can customize. They can also be used to provide services you have requested, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog.


These cookies are related to the use of Google analysics on the site.

Name of the cookie

period of validity



2 years

This cookie is used to distinguish unique visitors to your site. The latter is updated on each page viewed.


30 min

This cookie is used to follow the visit session of the user.


End of session

This cookie works in addition to the __utmb cookie to determine if there is a new visit by the current unique visitor.


6 months

This cookie stores all the information needed to identify a source of traffic. It is in this cookie that are stored the following information: the source of traffic, the support of this source of traffic, the key word typed if the user consults the site from a search engine ...


We offer the "register" module of this social network to share our products and help us to make them known. This use and yours of Pinterest, involve the following cookies:

Name of the cookie

period of validity




Social cookies allow users to share site content on Pinterest


We offer the "Like" and "Share" module of this social network so that you give your opinion and share our products and help us make them known. This use and yours of Facebook, imply the following cookies:

Name of the cookie

period of validity




Facebook uses cookies for many things: check your account, determine when you are logged in, guarantee the security of your account, fight against the transgression of Facebook rules, offer advertisements, products, recommend companies ...
Find more information on the link: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/


These cookies are used by Google adsense and its ads. On our site, they are only related to the use of the search system. Disabling makes this system unusable.

Name of the cookie

period of validity



2 weeks

This cookie is used for the re-targeting, optimization, reporting and awarding of advertisements online.


2 months

This cookie is used for the re-targeting, optimization, reporting and awarding of advertisements online.


We use amazon to directly recommend products related to our jewels: storage, maintenance, measurement of fingers ... as on the page: https://www.en.emmanuelleguyon.com/recommandations_en.html

Disabling them will hide these ads and you will not be able to view them.

Name of the cookie

period of validity




Cookies used by amazon to know your product preferences and display the ads and ads you have chosen

How to disable cookies

When you first visit our site, a banner at the top of our pages gives you the option to accept all cookies or to choose which ones can be active.

You can revise your choice at any time by clicking on Cookie Management in the menu at the bottom of the page or by using the following button:

Several options are available to you:

  • Delete or disable the storage of cookies on your browser at any time.
  • Limit the deposit of cookies only to the websites you have previously indicated.
  • Change your browser settings to require confirmation from you for each cookie deposited on your computer.

The system will not prevent the display of advertisements on the websites you visit. It only allows you to block behavioral ads based on your likely interests based on your previous browsing on the web.

Depending on the browser you are using, the procedure for refusing cookies is different. You will find below the procedure to follow by browser:

For Internet Explorer and Edge:

  1. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Privacy tab, then under Settings,
  3. Move the cursor up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies,
  4. To finish, click OK.

More information on: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

For Safari:

  1. Click Safari
  2. Select Preferences and then Privacy
  3. Click on Details
  4. Select one or more websites that store cookies and click Clear or Delete All.
  5. After deleting the websites, click Done.

More information on: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH21411?locale=fr_CA&viewlocale=en_US

For Chrome:

  1. Click the GoogleChrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. In the "Privacy" section, click the Content Settings button.
  5. In the "Cookies" section, you can change the following settings:
    • Delete cookies
    • Block default cookies
    • Allow default cookies
    • Keep cookies and default site data until you close your browser
    • Make exceptions for cookies from certain websites or domains

More information on: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en&hlrm=en

For Firefox:

  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click the Tools menu, and select Options.
  2. Select the Privacy panel.
  3. Set Retention Rules: Use the custom settings for the history.
  4. Clear the Accept cookies to disable cookies checkbox
  5. Click OK to close the "Options" window.

More information on: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences

For Opera:

  1. Click Preferences
  2. Then click on Advanced
  3. Then select Cookies
    • Several choices are available to you: Accept cookies
    • All cookies are accepted (default)
    • Accept only those from the visited site
    • Third party cookies, from a domain outside the one I visit, are refused
    • Never accept cookies
    • All cookies are refused

More information at: http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/en/cookies.html

For more information on targeted advertising and cookies visit: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ or http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

Most browsers offer a "Private Browsing" feature that you can use to browse "anonymously". You can find more information at: https://www.howtogeek.com/269265/how-to-enable-private-browsing-on-any-web-browser/