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History and healing properties of the metals used in our jewels

The history, benefits and virtues of metals

Metals have been a revolutionary discovery for the evolution of human civilization. Alongside the discovery of various metals such as copper, iron, and many others, humans have deepened their understanding of the physical properties of these materials, which has allowed for their optimized use in a multitude of domains.

Beyond mere physical knowledge, humanity has drawn from these metals a wealth of wisdom and tradition, shaped by meticulous observations and sometimes by a lack of understanding of physical phenomena. Thus, around these metals, beliefs, legends, medicinal properties, and virtues have been woven, shaping cultures and societies throughout the ages.

The metals we handle daily in our craft as artisan jewelers carry with them these stories woven throughout the history of humanity. We cannot separate this rich past from the sensations they provide us during their manipulation. Every hammer blow, every curve shaped, every polish, is a continuation of this millennial story, an intimate connection with artisans of the past, and a contribution to the perpetuation of these traditions.

In the following pages, you will discover a plethora of information about the metals we use in the creation of our jewelry. These data, whether historical, magical, medicinal, or fantastical, will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the properties and meanings of these precious materials.


Brass characteristics
Copper characteristics
Gold characteristics
Sterling silver characteristics

⚠ Please note that all healing properties presented for gemstones are gathered from various sources. This information is provided as a service and is not intended to treat medical conditions. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for serious medical issues and not to rely solely on gemstones as a treatment.

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