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Plants are often a source of inspiration. This is not just because I love and grew up in the countryside, but also for the meaning man gave to flowers and plants throughout history.

Fields of flowers

Plants, and flowers in particular, have inspired man with feelings due to their shape, their perfume, their colors and were used in art such as poems and paintings. We tried to translate this painting evocation in art on some of our ring models such as “the lys of Mucha” or “iris” that the same author inspired us.

The Flowers: Lilies painting by Alphonse Mucha
The painting "Flowers: Lilies" by Alphonse Mucha
Our Mucha Lilies engraved silver ring
the engraved ring "the lily of Mucha" inspired by Alphonse Mucha's painting.

The meanings of flowers changed in the long run and are not the same depending on the cultures and individuals. It is surprising to see the cultural differences of codification all around the world.

Offering flowers is an old tradition full of meaning. The oldest trace of flower language codification would come from Persia. You can also find traces in Greece and Antique Egypt. For example, Cleopatra would put roses in the bath of her lover, Marc Antoine, as a witness of her love for him.
It would also be the wife of the British ambassador in Constantinople, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who would have spread this tradition in Europe around 1718. She would have discovered this method of discrete communication in the Sultan¿s harem. Flowers would allow telling one’s feelings and complaints…

This practice was then reused all over Europe, mainly as a love communication, and more particularly in England where it developed during the Victorian era. The queen Victoria established a relatively strict moral period. This is how the use of flowers as a communication language would especially allow a discreet seduction. And this is also how you foun the first dictionary of flower language. During the Romantic period, the flower language was then codified through numerous literary works. Therefore, one could build sentences through the construction of elaborate bouquets being careful about the position of the flower in the bouquet, if the flower was still a bud etc…

This is this romantic communication that we thrived to translate in our jewelry through the use of the flower language.

Let’s have a look at the flowers you can find in our jewelry.

Jewelry and flowers

Facade of house covered with bunches of wisteria
Facade of house covered with bunches of wisteria


Wisteria is a spectacular woody climber due to its flower clusters measuring more than 50 cms long. Wisteria offers a cascade of fragrant flowers in purple, pink or white hues.

In the flower language, wisteria tells the person that you want to seduce him/her thanks to its intertwined lianas. It can also indicate the strength and reciprocity of a friendship.


Persephone with pomegranate pendant imagined with a garnet for a client
Our pendant called Persephone with pomegranate created for a client with a garnet, to recall the colors of the plant

The pomegranate tree is a small tree which has been cultivated since Antiquity for its edible fruit (pomegranate) and its big ornamental red flowers.

The pomegranate name comes from Granatus which means “rich in seeds”.

Its fruits are yellow or red orange berries containing a multitude of seeds.

The pomegranate flowers symbolize charity, concord, pride and ambition.

The pomegranate fruit translates prosperity, fertility, love and passion.


Peony is a medicinal plant which comes as a herbaceous perennial (Chinese peony) or as a shrub. It can take 2 to 5 years to make its first bloom.

Peony earrings in silver, pink and purple agates
Peony earrings in silver, pink and purple agates

There are two Greek legends about its origin. The first is about Paeon who was a student of the famous gods’doctor, Esculape. Paeon would have cured gods instead of its master. Then, in order to avoid the anger of Esculape, he would have been transformed in a peony. This myth explains the healing power of this plant.
According to another Greek legend, Paeonia was a nymph in love with Apollon. The jealous Aphrodite transformed her into a flower.

In the flower language, peony symbolizes the feminine grace. In yellow, it represents joyfulness. In red, it is about passion. In white, it means sorry. In pink, It symbolizes shyness, tenderness and feminity.

In china, peony symbolizes the feminine beauty, richness, chance, shame and jealousy.


rose flower

The rose is the rose tree flower. This shrub shows multiple petals flowers which is the characteristic of rose flowers. It can be found in numerous colors: white, red, yellow…

Oriental rose earrings evoking the flower with its engraving and its pink ruby
Earrings the oriental rose evoking the flower with its engraving and its pink ruby

The rose is the queen of flowers. It has been appreciated for a long time and still seduces by its shape and perfume.

In the flower language, its meaning varies due to its type, the number of flowers and its color. These heart shaped petals remind of love, whereas its thorns remind that love can hurt.

For example, the British rose symbolizes love that sighs, the Chinese rose symbolizes sympathy, the tea rose reminds of pleasure, and the hollyhock symbolizes simple love.

About the colors of roses:

  • In the flower language, the white rose symbolizes true love but also wisdom, purity, dignity and sincerity
  • the yellow rose is about infidelity but also friendship, attachment, joy and happiness.
  • the pink rose expresses a love oath but also tenderness, femininity, happiness, gratitude and admiration
  • the red rose is about burning love, passion but also beauty, perfection and respect.
  • the blue rose is about mystery or the attempt to reach the impossible. It could bring youth and make your wish come true.
  • the orange rose symbolizes desire, esteem sympathy, enthusiasm and passion.

About the number of flowers

  • 1 rose is simple love
  • 2 roses mean sorry
  • 12 roses say thank you to the loved one or to propose
  • 24 roses shows gallantry
  • 36 roses is a love declaration
  • 101 roses express passion and love without reserve.

The cherry tree

Japanese misao ring, engraved with cherry blossom branches
Japanese misao ring, engraved with cherry blossom branches

The cherry tree is a fruit and ornamental tree. In spring, it shows amazing pink flowers bouquets.

In the flower language, the cherry flower means good education. As it blossoms during the spring season, it symbolizes prosperity and happiness. As its bloom is quite short, it symbolizes purity and optimism.

It is an important symbol in the Japanese culture as you can also read on this link.


Honeysuckle ring with its long leafy stem
Ring honeysuckle with its long leafy stem

Honeysuckle is a climbing shrub, like a liana with a fragrant bloom. Its leaves are plain or variegated in red, or green colors. Its tubular bicolor flowers are very fragrant and are generally scarlet, yellow, orange or pink colored.

In the celtic culture, honeysuckle was called “the tree of oracles” and would indicate the presence of positive energies.

In the flower language, honeysuckle is the symbol of fidelity, loyalty and brotherhood. It means solidity of the links between two persons, indissoluble links and eternal love.


poppy fields

Poppy is a beautiful flower one can found in wastelands, road edges and sometime in fields. With its hairy stem, the flower is composed of 4 bright red petals, and is black on its basis.

In the flower language, the fragility of the poppy symbolizes “the fragile ardor” meaning that you have to love each other sooner rather than later. It also symbolizes strength behind an apparent fragility.

cosmos flowers
cosmos flowers


The cosmos are annual flowers from Mexico. The name comes from the Greek “kosmos” meaning “right order”.

Its leaves are from dark to light green. The petals are different according to the type of the species. They can be round, oval, fringed, jagged, simple, double… their color goes from the garnet red, to white, but also yellow, pink, fuchsia an orange.

In the flower language, cosmos symbolizes innocence thanks to its simple but refined appearance.


dahlia engraved ring
Engraved ring dahlia

Coming from Mexico, the dahlia flower is quite present in our gardens. It can occupy the whole space with species going from 20 cm to 1,5 meter tall. It can show different shapes and colors, except blue.

During the Victorian era, dahlia was the flower of treason, impulsivity and infidelity.

Its meaning evolved to be a symbol of gratitude, joy, exuberance and love.

The white dahlia symbolizes pure love, beauty, and the desire of seduction.
the yellow dahlia means fidelity, gratitude and joy.
the pink dahlia is a promise of happiness.
the red dahlia is eternal love
the purple dahlia symbolizes the resistance of love over time.
the orange dahlia is an extravagant love declaration and happiness.


jasmine flower bush

Jasmine is a climbing or creeping plant covered with star shaped flowers in yellow, pink or white colors. It has a strong scent, just like the rose, which is why it is used a lot in the creation of perfumes.

In the flower language, jasmine symbolizes voluptuous, sensual and passionate love. It symbolizes purity, modesty and strength.

Ivy leaf cufflinks
Ivy leaf Cufflinks


Ivy or Hedera, is a climbing plant which roots cling to its support. Its evergreen foliage is divided in 3 or 5 lobes. Its flowers are of a greenish yellow and are gathered in umbels and arranged in clusters.

In the flower langue, ivy is the symbol of longevity and constant love. Because It never releases its host, it is also a symbol of fidelity. The Celtic druids would see a symbol of vital strength and energy in it.


Bindweed whose name comes from “lis” is a creeping plant. Its flower looks like the lis. Its funnel like flowers are white, blue or pink.

In the flower langue, the bindweed symbolizes idolatrous love and passionate affection.


lotus pond

The lotus is a water plant showing big floating round leaves with spectacular flowers. Its flowers are white and pink. You can find a lot of varieties of lotus in the whole world.

Flower of life necklace representing a lotus mandala
Flowers of life Necklace representing a lotus mandala

Do not get confused between lotus and waterlily. The lotus flower can show different colors whereas the waterlily is only yellow. Also, the lotus flower blossoms above the surface of the water whereas the waterlily floats on the water.

The lotus is a sacred flower in oriental religions such as Buddhism or Brahmanism. Gods are often represented on a lotus flower throne. It symbolizes life, purity and rebirth.

In the Victorian era, in the flower language, lotus represents eloquence.

The blue lotus symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.
the white lotus symbolizes total purity.
the red lotus means love, passion and compassion.
the pink lotus is linked to divinity, and particularly to Buddha.
the yellow lotus is spiritual elevation.



The lily is a plant with big flowers of 6 petals and can show yellow, white or red color.

If you call the rose “the queen of flowers”, the lily would be the king. It is associated with Greek divinities, to the virgin Mary and to the kings of France.

In the flower language, the lily expresses purity, innocence and virginity because of its white color. This flower symbolizes pure love and the nobility of feelings.

If you precise the color:

  • the white lily symbolizes purity, innocence and pure love
  • the red is for passion
  • the pink evokes affection and tenderness
  • the yellow is about friendship and enthusiasm
  • the orange symbolizes desire.


Magnolia earrings in silver and alexandrite
Magnolia earrings in silver and alexandrite

Magnolias are a tree and shrub families with big evergreen leaves. The solitary leaves are very ornamental and can show pink to yellow colors.

In the flower language, magnolia is a symbol of purity, love, dignity, respect, joy and fidelity. But the meaning of the flower depends on the color. The white flower is about purity and dignity. The pink means love, the red means passion…

In old china, the magnolia flower was considered as a symbol of beauty and of perfect feminine sweetness. It is planted around temples dedicated to Buddha for protection.


Nile flower ring evoking different forms of papyrus
Nile flower ring evoking different forms of papyrus

Papyrus is a plant that is happy in water. It grows on river and lake edges. Its umbel reminded Egyptians of the sacred sun rays, Amon-ra.

Papyrus symbolizes the beginnings of life, creation, prosperity, rebirth and regeneration.


Dandelion Fields

The dandelion is a wild plant that started to be cultivated everywhere for its numerous healing properties from the 19th century.

silver Dandelion earrings
Dandelion earrings in silver

It shows a yellow flower that transforms to a ball of white feathers that break away to fly in the wind.

In the flower language, the dandelion symbolizes healing, survival, intelligence, happiness, and joy. It is its capacity to spread everywhere that makes it a symbol of resistance and survival.

According to the popular legend, blowing its feathers could grant you a wish.

Protea flowers
Protea flowers


This big flower from South Africa comes from a shrub that can reach 3 meters in size. Its flowers measure between 8 and 30 cm in diameter. They look like an artichoke.

In the flower language, protea symbolies diversity and courage. It can represent originality, resilience and acceptation of the unavoidable change.

sunflower fields
Sunflower fields


The sunflower is a big positive flower. Coming from America, its yellow sun shape makes it a symbol of the gods of the Amerindian sun.

its particularity is to follow the course of the sun from the morning to the night.

In the flower language, the sunflower symbolizes fidelity because it follows the sun all day long. It also means limitless admiration due to its attitude towards the sun.

Briar rose

The eglantine is the flower of the briar rose. This thorn shrub is a wild rose tree. It is a 5 petal flower that is white with a little touch of pink.

In the flower language, the eglantine is the poet’s flower, but also the flower of love and of ephemeral happiness.


Hydrangea is a floral shrub with big flowers bouquets in pink and blue hues.

In the flower language, hydrangea evokes generosity, abundance, gratitude, beauty and indifference.


iris fields

The beautiful flower of iris is the elegant one of the garden. It shows big hermaphrodite flowers that open in 6 petals : 3 horizontal exteriors and 3 smaller upright interiors.

Bague en argent gravée d'iris
Bague en argent gravée d'iris

Iris can be found in a multitude of colors such as blue, pink, orange, purple, yellow, red…

In the Greek mythology, Iris was the god’s messenger and the rainbow goddess.

In the flower language, iris is the symbol of the good news, trust, sincerity and wisdom. Its meaning varies according to its colors.
the blue iris is for a good news. It symbolizes faith and hope too.
the white iris announces love you have for someone. It symbolizes purity, kindness and innocence too.
the yellow iris expresses happiness one feels to be with the recipient. It also symbolizes wisdom and respect.
the orange iris is about the flame of love that burns for the recipient.

A flowery jewel for your wedding

When you offer flowers and that your choice is guided by the flower language, a piece of jewelry with a flower theme can also be a discreet message to someone.

For the romantic ones or for flower lovers, a ring on the flower language theme could be the perfect wedding ring. It can also be a secret message for your spouse and match your wedding theme.

Here are some themes, sometimes subtle, that could match a jewel about the flower language:

bohemian wedding

Bohemian wedding

The bohemian wedding is a sweet and romantic vibe. Appeared in the 2000s, it is inspired by the 60s and the 70s. The place must be natural and authentic like an old family house, a shady field and with old trees…. You could also have a big tent, candle lighting, ethnic patterns… and of course a floral atmosphere.

Botanical wedding

The botanical wedding or the symbiosis with nature. You will find a floral decoration made of fresh and dried flowers, with a vintage chic trend through old botanical illustrations.

Bucolic wedding
Bucolic wedding

Bucolic wedding

The bucolic wedding takes place during mid spring to symbolize the renewal accompanied with growing nature. Flower color and perfume the environment with a retro and chic countryside.

Countryside wedding

The rural wedding takes place in the countryside with a chic, vintage or romantic style. The floral decoration is omnipresent and outdoors.

You will find more details here:

Ecological, eco-responsible or green wedding

This is a relatively recent and growing theme, the idea being to put your ecological concerns at the heart of your marriage. There is no standard model, but the preservation of nature must be at the center. Organic meals, French or local products, recycling…

Floral wedding
Floral wedding

Floral wedding

As the name suggests, the floral wedding is overrun with flowers, with a fragrant ambiance filled with little secret words disclosed by the language of flowers.

Natural wedding

The natural wedding is a simple, minimalist wedding, without frills to refocus on the essential: the union of two people. Without breaking the bank and without wasting, it most often takes place outdoors, and takes into account our environment, plants, flowers, and raw materials.

We remind you on this occasion that all our metals are recycled.

Natural wedding

Rustic wedding

Rustic wedding style refers to anything that's a bit rough around the edges, a bit more organic, and a bit more boho

Which flower language ring to say what?

Now, you just have to choose your flower for this amazing wedding. Here is a panorama of the engraved rings we offer you. Do not hesitate to contact us for a particular model that we could create together.

Honeysuckle ring

Honeysuckle: this engraved ring is 8mm wide and symbolizes fidelity, loyalty and brotherhood. It evokes the solidity of the links between 2 persons, indissoluble links, and eternal love.

Dahlia ring

Dahlia: this ring is 6mm wide. It symbolizes gratitude, joy, exuberance and love.

Briar rose ring

Briar rose or eglantine: this ring is 7mm wide. It means love and ephemeral happiness.

Cherry tree flower: in the flower language, it means good education, prosperity and happiness.

sakura japanese ring
Sakura : 10mm wide cherry blossom ring
misao japanese ring
Misao : 6mm wide cherry blossom ring
misaki japanese ring
Misaki : 10mm wide cherry blossom ring


Nile flowers ring

Nile flowers: this engraved ring is 10mm wide. The papyrus symbolizes the beginnings of life, of creation, prosperity, rebirth and regeneration.

Iris ring

Iris: this ring is 7mm wide. In the flower language, it symbolizes trust, sincerity and wisdom.

Winter jasmine ring

Winter jasmine: this ring is 12mm wide. In the flower language, jasmine symbolizes voluptuous, sensual an passionate love. It also evokes purity, modesty and strength.

Ivy: in the flower language, ivy is the symbol of longevity, constant love and fidelity.

Ivy crown ring

Ivy crown: this ring is 10mm wide.

Ivy ring

Ivy: this ring is 4 mm wide.


Bindweed ring

Bindweed: this ring is 5mm wide. In the flower language, it symbolizes idolatrous love and passionate affection.

Lily: the lily expresses pure love and the nobility of feelings.

The lily of Mucha ring

The lily of Mucha: this ring is 10mm wide.

Richard the lionheart ring

Richard the lionheart: this ring is 10mm wide.


Protea ring

Protea: this ring is 10mm wide and symbolizes diversity and courage.

Tranquility ring

Tranquility: this ring is 5mm wide. It shows hydrangea flowers symbolizing generosity, abundance, gratitude, beauty and indifference.