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Lithotherapy is the "method to cure using stones".

This science is a mix of old traditions using stones (like for massages (cf.Amma in Japan)) and chromotherapy (or the use of stone colors to cure the mind and the body).

Lithotherapy considers the fact that stones naturally communicate a very particular vibe that is able to improve the well being of a person when he or she is close to a particular stone.

Origins and history of lithotherapy

The use of healing stones and its virtues are based on old practices. According to some civilizations, precious stones would have had therapeutic virtues.

In Mesopotamia, Nippur’s stones tell us about the use of stones, as well as the use of plants in traditional medicine. One can see the same traditions in the Egyptian civilization, or Hebrews, Greeks, Aztecs, Japanese, Indians or Chinese.

In 1644, the emperor Rudolph II’s doctor, Anselme Bo├Ęce de boot, published a 750 pages book called "The perfect Jeweler or history of stones". He talks about the healing properties of stones among other topics.

In 1748, "The Drugs Encyclopedia of Mr Lemery" which was written by Louis the 14&rsquos doctor, shares also about the virtues of stones.

Mister Guibourt, who was a Professeur in the Ecole Superieure de Pharmacie in Paris (1869), published "History of simple drugs" in 3 volumes, which 1st volume is dedicated to minerals.

Lithotherapy: different benefits thanks to different stones
Lithotherapy: different benefits thanks to different stones

How to use healing stones

It seems that stones would give a positive energy to the people, according to each’s properties. Therefore, one could wear stones (on pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings...) or place them around the house. One can find instructions of the use of stone properties in the preparation of elixirs. You can leave the stone in water for a certain time, during the day or night, according to your need.

Stones are also used in the Kundalini Yoga and the 7 chakras concept. It is thought that they can be used to unblock and balance the different chakras.

Color symbolism with stones

History and vertues of stones

Lithotherapy: a little of the benefits of nature in the palm of your hand or in jewelry
Lithotherapy: a little of the benefits of nature in the palm of your hand or in jewelry


Stone properties and virtues already present on our website

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