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Feedback from our customers

Here you will find the links to other websites where I sell my jewelry. Indeed, most of personal shops invent their own feedback.

This is not honest so I prefer to do it in another way that will be more transparent. Feedbacks on these links cannot be changed by me as they are not my property.

Customer reviews of Emmanuelle Guyon

Have a good time reading these feedbacks and I hope to see you soon in my shop.

Feedback from EmmanuelleGuyon customers

our reviews on etsy

Etsy, US online sales platform

More than 211 customer reviews and 670 sales

un grand marché, online craft selling platform

Un grand marché, French online shopping platform

48 customer reviews (Some were picked up on the Alittlemarket platform before it closed) and 6 sales.

nos avis clients sur dawanda

Dawanda, German online sales platform

More than 71 evaluations of customers and 206 sales

nos avis clients sur alm

ALittleMarket, French online shopping platform

185 Customer reviews and 415 sales ..