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Feedback from our customers

On this page, we provide links to other online selling platforms where our creations are also available.

We want to highlight that it’s unfortunately quite common to come across sites where positive feedback is artificially generated, often by the owners themselves. Such practices, far from being transparent, do not reflect our commitment to our customers.

That’s why we prioritize transparency by directing you to online selling platforms where we have no control over customer reviews, as we are not the owners. We firmly believe that this approach strengthens the trust you place in us.

Customer reviews of Emmanuelle Guyon

Whichever channel you choose to explore our products, we wish you an enjoyable browsing experience and hope you find complete satisfaction.

Feedback from EmmanuelleGuyon customers

our reviews on etsy

Etsy, the renowned American-origin online selling platform, stands as one of our primary sales channels. You can find over 263 customer reviews out of the 799 sales we’ve completed there.


un grand marché, online craft selling platform

Un grand marché is a French online selling platform where we have currently paused our activities. You’ll find 48 customer reviews, some of which were retrieved from the Alittlemarket platform before its closure, along with 6 sales made.


nos avis clients sur dawanda

Dawanda was a German online selling platform where we were active until its closure in 2018. Despite the cessation of its operations, we have preserved screenshots of our 71 reviews out of the 206 sales achieved.


nos avis clients sur alm

ALittleMarket was a French online selling platform that served as the cradle of our initial commercial journey. Unfortunately, it closed its doors in 2017. However, we have taken care to preserve screenshots of the 185 customer reviews out of the 415 sales we accomplished during that period.