Emmanuelle Guyon, the mirror of your emotions
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A tour in our jeweler’s workshop

We have been making jewelry for several years now and we are still excited by all the perspectives it gives us each day.

Beyond the technical aspect, what we love the most is the possibility of exploring a lot of different themes through our work. We are passionate about the different cultures in the world and it is our main source of inspiration. The majority of our creations comes from our curiosity to discover the world and our passion for history and archeology, and also from nature which surprises us every day by its simplicity and tranquility.

Therefore, we developed our own engraving technique to explore a large panel of engraved rings reflecting our interests.

Through this process, and thanks to customers’ requests, we opened up to new worlds. This is for example the case for theme weddings. We found a new sense in this path, and it allowed us to offer sterling silver band models in harmony with our customers’ wish. There are a lot of themes to explore such as: countryside wedding, Japanese wedding, berber wedding, beach wedding, nautical wedding, Viking wedding etc…

Among our customers’ requests, we also add to deal with unknown themes which broadened our vision. These new requests are often the starting point to a new theme in our catalog.

The jewels from Emmanuelle Guyon became the mirror of your emotions thanks to this curiosity and the collaboration with our customers.

This is why we invite you to have a look at our catalog which is a widow to our imagination.