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For many years, we have had the privilege of practicing our craft as artisan jewelers, a calling that continues to captivate and inspire us daily.

However, beyond technical mastery, what drives us most is the exploration of the myriad themes our craft offers. Our passion for the diverse cultures that shape our world is our primary source of inspiration. Most of our creations stem from our desire to understand the world, our love for history, archaeology, and our wonder at nature, which surprises us every day with its apparent simplicity and the calm it inspires in us.

Inspiration, imagination and creation in EmmanuelleGuyon jewelry
Inspiration, imagination and creation in EmmanuelleGuyon jewelry

We have therefore developed our own engraving technique to explore a wide range of engraved silver ring themes reflecting our interests.

Through this process, and thanks to customer requests, we have also opened ourselves up to new worlds. This is the case, for example, with themed weddings, in which our engraving has taken on new meaning to offer silver ring models in line with our customers’ wishes. Of course, there is no shortage of themes to explore: country wedding, Japanese wedding, Berber wedding, beach wedding, nautical wedding, Viking wedding...

Among our customers’ requests, we also have themes that are sometimes unknown to us and offer us a new opening. These new requests are sometimes the starting point for a new theme that complements our catalog.

EmmanuelleGuyon jewelry has become much more than just an accessory. They reflect your emotions, passions, and experiences. Each piece is the result of a unique collaboration between our artisans and you, our valued customers. It is this insatiable curiosity, thirst for discovery, and open-mindedness that allow us to create jewelry that goes far beyond aesthetics. They are imbued with your history, dreams, and aspirations. Each piece of jewelry is a work of art in its own right, a mirror of your soul and personality.

That’s why we invite you to browse through our catalog, or better yet, to dive into our imaginary universe. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of our creations, by the stories they tell and the emotions they evoke. Each piece of jewelry is an invitation to a sensory journey, an open door to a world where beauty and poetry blend harmoniously. So, feel free to explore our collection and let your imagination run wild.

Jewelry: history, archaeology, and replicas

Kiro Kiro aboriginal ritual necklace, inspired by an Australian rock painting.
"Kiro Kiro aboriginal ritual" necklace, inspired by an Australian rock painting.

A fascinating exploration through time and space, delving into the depths of human history and the remnants left by our ancestors. These jewels are not just objects, but silent witnesses to the ingenuity, creativity, and culture of past civilizations. Each piece tells a unique story, reflecting the beliefs, customs, and values of its time. From ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, from the Vikings to the Mayans, jewelry has been a means of artistic expression, social status, and religious symbolism. Today, replicas of these historical treasures allow us to relive these captivating moments in history, to wear them with pride, and to pass them on to future generations. Whether it’s an ancient Egyptian ring, a Roman necklace, or a Viking bracelet, each piece of jewelry is an open door to an ancient world, a tangible link to our roots, and a timeless source of inspiration.

Druid and Druidess: Communion with Nature

An enchanting exploration of the Celtic world and the deep relationship the Celts had with nature, guided by the wisdom of druids and druidesses, through a collection of inspired jewelry. The Celts, an ancient and mystical people, saw nature as an extension of their own being, and the druids and druidesses were the guardians of this sacred connection. These jewels, imbued with Celtic symbolism, capture the spirit of that distant era, where every tree, every river, every mountain was revered as a deity. The intricate patterns and natural materials used in these jewels reflect the richness of nature and the depth of Celtic spirituality. By wearing these jewels, we connect to an ancient heritage, to a time when man and nature were in harmony, and where the wisdom of druids and druidesses guided every step. Whether it’s a triskelion-shaped pendant, a bracelet adorned with Celtic knots, or a ring engraved with runes, each jewel is a reminder of our unbreakable bond with nature and a tribute to the timeless wisdom of druids and druidesses.

Medieval Illumination

An enchanting dive into the imagination of the Middle Ages, guided by the monk scribes and their artistic visions. These religious artists, often anonymous, created works of timeless beauty, adorning manuscripts with elegant letters and animal or plant decorations. These jewels, inspired by medieval illumination, are tributes to the art and spirituality of that era. Each piece is a testament to the creativity and devotion of the monk scribes, who dedicated their lives to the preservation of knowledge and the beauty of writing. By wearing these jewels, we connect to a past rich in history and culture, and we celebrate the artistic heritage of the monk scribes. Whether it’s a pendant shaped like an illuminated letter, a brooch adorned with floral motifs, or a ring engraved with medieval symbols, each jewel is a window into the Middle Ages, an invitation to explore a world of beauty and spirituality.

The Mayan Calendar

Maya Long Count pendant, using the glyphs of the pre-Hispanic calculation system
"Maya Long Count" pendant, using the glyphs of the pre-Hispanic calculation system

A captivating dive into the culture of Mexico, our adopted land, has inspired us to explore a particular aspect of this civilization: the calendar. Fascinated by the complexity and precision of this temporal system, we have embarked on understanding its workings in order to create customizable jewelry adorned with Mayan dates and glyphs. Each piece of jewelry thus becomes a unique item, carrying within it the history and significance of a specific date, engraved in time according to the Mayan calendar. These jewels, imbued with the cultural richness of this ancient civilization, are testimonies to our admiration for the wisdom and worldview of the Mayans. By wearing these jewels, we honor their heritage and their contribution to our understanding of time and the universe. Whether it’s a pendant with a birth date, a ring with a Mayan glyph, or earrings with calendar symbols, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of Mayan culture and its calendar, a tribute to a civilization that continues to inspire and amaze us.

The history and virtues of stones

One aspect of our passion for stones is historical. It is fascinating to understand what people have seen in these objects, the differences in interpretations from one culture to another. And of course, their beauty, which, along with their stories, inspires us to create original designs. Precious and semi-precious stones have always fascinated humanity with their brilliance, rarity, and mysterious properties. Since antiquity, civilizations around the world have attributed symbolic meanings and therapeutic virtues to these gems, thus creating a rich fabric of beliefs and traditions. The Egyptians believed that stones could heal diseases, while the Greeks and Romans considered them symbols of power and protection. Asian cultures, on the other hand, have used stones to balance energies and promote health and well-being. Today, jewelers and fashion designers draw inspiration from these ancient traditions to create unique and original pieces, blending the natural beauty of stones with their symbolism and history. Whether it’s a rose quartz necklace for love, a sapphire ring for wisdom, or amethyst earrings for protection, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of the cultural and spiritual richness of gemstones, a tribute to their timeless beauty and their power to connect us to our history and heritage.

The symbolism of stone colors

One of the most enticing aspects of stones for enthusiasts like us is their colors. In this article, we sought to delve a little deeper into their hues, their meanings, and what they could reflect in our original jewelry pieces. The colors of precious and semi-precious stones have always captivated the human imagination, each bearing a unique symbolic and emotional significance. The red of ruby evokes passion and vitality, while the deep blue of sapphire symbolizes wisdom and truth. The green of emerald symbolizes growth and fertility, while the golden yellow of topaz is associated with wealth and prosperity. The colors of stones can also be influenced by cultural and historical factors, adding an additional dimension to their symbolism. In creating original jewelry, we aimed to capture the essence of these colors, to pair them with shapes and patterns that reflect their meaning, and to integrate them into unique and timeless designs. Whether it’s a heart-shaped pendant with a ruby, a sapphire ring with floral motifs, or emerald earrings with Celtic details, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of the richness of stone colors, a tribute to their symbolism, and their timeless beauty.


The tree of Jesse bracelet, with the birthstones and initials of each family member
"The tree of Jesse" bracelet, with the birthstones and initials of each family member

Driven by curiosity and a passion for stones, we sought to understand the origin of birthstones and offer you a range of associated and symbolic jewelry for your birth month. Birthstones, also known as month stones, are gems associated with each month of the year, offering symbolic meaning and a personal connection to each individual’s birth date. This tradition dates back to antiquity, where each month was associated with a precious or semi-precious stone, believed to bring specific virtues and blessings to those who wore it. For example, the diamond, the birthstone of April, symbolizes eternity and purity, while the sapphire, the birthstone of September, is associated with wisdom and protection. By creating a range of jewelry associated with birthstones, we aimed to capture the essence of each month, explore their meanings, and integrate them into unique and timeless designs. Whether it’s a drop-shaped pendant with an emerald for the month of May, a moon-shaped ring with a sapphire for the month of September, or heart-shaped earrings with a ruby for the month of July, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of the richness of birthstones, a tribute to their symbolism, and their timeless beauty.

Symbols and Japanese Jewelry

Let’s take a stroll in Asia, and more specifically, in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. A country rich in numerous symbols that have inspired us to create a whole range of jewelry. Japan, with its rich history and culture deeply rooted in respect for nature and spirituality, is an endless source of inspiration for jewelry designers. Japanese symbols, such as cherry blossoms, koi fish, dragons, and lotus flowers, are motifs that have been integrated into our creations to capture the essence of this fascinating culture. Japanese jewelry is often characterized by its elegant simplicity and refinement, reflecting the Japanese aesthetic of natural beauty and harmony. By creating a range of jewelry inspired by Japan, we aimed to capture the essence of this culture, explore its symbols, and integrate them into unique and timeless designs. Whether it’s a sakura-shaped pendant, a koi-shaped ring, or dragon-shaped earrings, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of the richness of Japanese culture, a tribute to its symbols, and its timeless beauty.

A jewel that speaks of flowers... flowers that speak of our feelings

What if our jewelry used the language of flowers? Discover on this page the discreet meaning of flowers and how we translate it into our jewelry. Flowers have always been a subtle and poetic means of communication, with each variety carrying a unique symbolic meaning. The language of flowers, also known as floriography, was used by lovers and poets to express their feelings without words. For example, the red rose symbolizes passionate love, the daisy purity and innocence, and the lily majesty and purity. By creating a range of jewelry inspired by the language of flowers, we aimed to capture the essence of these meanings and integrate them into unique and timeless designs. Whether it’s a red rose-shaped pendant, a daisy-shaped ring, or lily-shaped earrings, each piece of jewelry is a celebration of the richness of the language of flowers, a tribute to its poetry and timeless beauty.