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The wind ring
  • The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver
  • The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver
  • The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver
  • The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver
  • sterling silver engraved ring thickness sterling silver engraved ring thickness

The wind, air symbol ring in sterling silver

Dive into the dynamics of the wind with "The Wind" ring, a silver creation that celebrates the duality of this enigmatic element, alternately calm and tempestuous, bearer of life and chaos.

This aptly named ring pays homage to the very essence of the wind, an element that embodies perpetual transformation and the indomitable force of nature. Engraved with motifs of curls and spirals, it evokes the constant movement of the wind, its swirling currents that traverse the vast expanses of the atmosphere.

The wind, with its unstable and ever-changing nature, carries within it a fascinating duality. When it blows gently, it is a creative flow, the inspiring breath of the poet, the soothing whisper of life. It carries the scents of flowers, caresses cheeks tenderly, and inspires lovers in their embrace. In ancient myths, it is even associated with tales of eternal love, like when Zephyrus carries the beautiful Psyche to her beloved Love.

However, when the wind rages, it becomes a symbol of disorder and turmoil. Its impetuous gusts herald a devastating storm, an uncontrollable chaos that can sweep away everything in its path. In those moments, it embodies the brute force of nature, reminding humanity of its vulnerability in the face of unleashed elements.

Wearing this ring means immersing oneself in the duality of the wind, embracing its power and fragility. It’s a reminder that, much like the wind, we ourselves are beings in perpetual evolution, capable of creating and destroying, of sowing life or desolation according to our choices and actions.

Metal: sterling silver.

Width: 10 mm.

Manufacturing time: 5 business days.

Thickness of the ring: this model can be made with thicknesses of 1 mm, 1.3 mm or 1.6 mm. For reference, go to the last photo of the slideshow.

The ring thickness on the model is 1 mm.

Important: depending on your finger size, the solder at the back of your ring will show an interruption in the pattern with a plain vertical and in order to keep an overall harmony. Each rind is custom made and each finish will also be custom made (please refer to the example picture at the end of the photo series).

As we currently dwell in Mexico, provide a period of 3 to 6 weeks to receive your order for free with normal post service. Thank you for taking this information into account before ordering in our shop. At checkout, you will also have the option of choosing an express shipping. (please, read the complete conditions of shipping here).

You have a question? Contact us.

I hope you will love this jewel as much as I enjoyed creating it.

By Emmanuelle Guyon.

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