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Red agate: history, healing properties and lithotherapy

The history, benefits and virtues of red agate

Red agate properties

red agate history and healing propertties
"Zephyrine" ring with red agate

Red agate, characterized by bands of colors ranging from red to orange-brown, embodies warmth and vitality.

Healing properties and benefits of red agate

Discover the exceptional benefits of red agate:

  • Renowned for its effectiveness in issues related to blood and circulation.
  • Soothes pain caused by burns.
  • Red agate strengthens kidney function, preventing infections.
  • Explore the general properties of agates for a holistic understanding.
  • For in-depth insights, also refer to properties associated with the color red. Embrace red agate for its versatile well-being attributes.


/!\ Please note that all healing properties presented for gemstones are gathered from various sources. This information is provided as a service and is not intended to treat medical conditions. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for serious medical issues and not to rely solely on gemstones as a treatment.

Red agate jewelry samples

Zephyrine, sterling silver ring with your choice of stone

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