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Apatite properties

apatite, history and healing properties
"Nova apatite" earrings with blue apatite

The apatite stone is a calcium phosphate composed of three recognized species: chloropatite (containing chlore), fluorapatite (containing fluor) and hydroxyapatite (containing hydrogen).

It is a relatively fragile ore that shows some strong varieties with beautiful colors that are used in jewelry. You can find it under different shapes and colors: transparent or opaque, colorless, green, yellow, blue, pink, brown, grey, purple…

Its name comes from the Greek word “apatan” meaning “cheating” or “to be wrong”. Apatite refers to the Greek mythology goddess called Apate. This minor goddess, daughter of Nyx, is the personification of dupery, fraud, deception and dishonesty. It is one of the evils of Pandora’s box.

This name was given by the German mineralogist Abraham gottlob Werner. The reason is that the apatite stone an easily be confused with other ores. It is often confused with beryl, tourmaline, topaz or olivine. It is only at the endof the 18th century that its chemical composition was established.

You can also find the apatite under other names such as: agustite, basaltine amethyst (purple apatite), asparagolite (green apatite or esparagus stone), augustite, Saxe beryl, phosphate whitewash, ordinary chrysolithe, estramadurite, fluocollophanite, fluorcollophane, kietyogite, phosphoric stone, limestone phosphate, pyroguanite, sombrerite.

The apatite ore is the main source of phosphore and phosphate. This concentration makes the main ingredient for a lot of fertilizers and cleansers.
It is also the only ore you can find in human and animal bodies, inside the teeth and the nails. There is also a crystal bone made of apatite in the epiphysis endocrine gland located between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Some apatite varieties contain a very small dose of uranium. This radioactivity allows stone dating.

Mines: Germany, Burma, Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, the USA, Mexico, Madagascar, Mozambique, Norway, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan

History, legends and beliefs about the apatite

As this stone was recently identified, there is no history about it. In spite of this, it surely has a long history but under the name of other best known stones.
The first mention as a particular stone dates back to 1767 when the naturalist Pedro Francisco Davila identified a “phosphoric stone”.

We only found one mention about a stone coming from the mine of Logrosan in Estremadura in Spain. Known since the Antiquity, this stone (apatite) would have been used in the “cercon de las brujas” (the witch circle). It was thrown in the fire to get fluorescent sparkles.

history and healing properties of apatite
"With the flow" ring with blue apatite

Healing properties and benefits of the apatite

  • It is mostly known as a slimming stone which would help losing weight. It would reduce one's appetite.
  • The apatite stone would be good for eye problems such as tired eyes due to work.
  • It would help against nauseas and vertigo.
  • It would help the heart to reach a normal rhythm by regulating tension.
  • The apatite stone would stimulate the endocrinal system.
  • It is recommended for insomnia problems.
  • It would relieve arthritis, articulation inflammation and would help with bone fragileness.
  • The apatitewould help with cell renewal.

Healing properties and benefits of the blue apatite

  • Blue apatite would protect the throat and would help the voice.
  • It would help avoiding otitis.

Healing properties and benefits of the green apatite

  • Green apatite would stimulate growth.

Healing properties and benefits of the yellow apatite

  • Yellow apatite would help eliminating cellulitis.
  • It would help digesting.
  • It would strengthen kidneys, vesicular, liver and pancreas.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Apatite jewelry samples

Nova apatite, astronomical earrings in sterling silver and blue apatite
US $230.00

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