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Petrified wood properties

Petrified wood, history and healing properties
Towards the heavens, necklace with petrified wood

The petrified wood is a type of fossil in which all the organic material of the wood was replaced by minerals, generally silicates like quartz. The process of fossilization takes place underground when the wood is buried. The minerals of the water soak through the sediments and stay in the cells of the plant creating a mold. The quartz crystals are colorless but when you add a contaminant, they become yellow, red or any other color.

The fossilized wood can stay with its original structure with all the details even at a microscopic size. You can even see the rings of growth of the tree trunks.

You can find petrified wood worldwide and sometimes, with stunning sizes or species. For example, in Argentina, there is a park in Patagonia that owns petrified trees which are more than 3 meters diameter and 30 meters long. In Australia, you can find petrified and opalized woods. In the USA, you can find the Gilboa forest which is the oldest known petrified wood forest (more than 380 million years).

Stories, legends and beliefs about the petrified wood

The petrified wood has been known for a long time but you can hardly find information about its history or beliefs about it.

Because it is quite easy to work with this material, you will find it transformed as tools or weapons during the Stone Age.

In the Middle-Ages, there were amulets made of petrified wood which were meant to give longevity.

Mines: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Russia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Healing properties and benefits of the petrified wood

  • The petrified wood would help against ear infections.
  • It would strengthen the heart.
  • It would balance diabetes problems and multiple sclerosis.
  • The petrified wood would strengthen bones and would relieve hips and back pains.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Petrified wood jewelry samples

Towards the heavens, mountain eagle necklace in sterling silver and petrified wood
US $257.00

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