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Coral properties

Coral, history and healing stone properties
"Hiko" pendant with red coral

Coral, a marvel of nature, emerges from the amalgamation of skeletons from small, soft-bodied animals known as polyps. These marine creatures coexist in colonies, constructing branching structures that gradually grow to form the majestic "coral reefs".

Beyond its fascinating formation, coral adorns itself with an enchanting array of colors, ranging from classic shades of red, black, pink, and white to soothing hues of blue. Each color, a testament to the depths of the sea, reflects the diversity and richness of coral reef ecosystems.

Coral reefs, not only visual masterpieces beneath the waves, also harbor incredible biodiversity. These complex ecosystems provide a vital habitat for a myriad of marine species, contributing to the delicate balance of ocean life.

Stories, beliefs and legends about coral

In his work titled "Metamorphoses", the Roman poet Ovid weaves a fascinating tale around the origin of coral, intertwining the legend of Perseus and Andromeda. After saving Andromeda, Perseus takes the head of the formidable Gorgon Medusa and delicately places it on a bed of algae, directing her eyes towards the ground to avoid endangering the population. The petrifying gaze of the Gorgon transforms the algae into coral. In Greek, coral is thus called "Gorgeia", referencing the formidable Gorgons.

The influence of myths extends to ancient Rome, where Romans customarily adorned children with coral necklaces to protect them from harm. This tradition persisted into the medieval period. In Italy, especially, this practice endures, and coral is particularly employed for addressing infertility issues. Over time, it has evolved into a symbol of fertility, and women aspiring to conceive are recommended to wear a small coral horn around their necks.

history and healing properties of coral
"Symbiosis" pendant with pink coral

During the Middle Ages, the belief in the protective power of coral against sorcery was deeply rooted, leading to the recommendation of wearing this gem as a personal amulet. Individuals sought refuge and security, attributing magical properties to coral to ward off harmful influences.

In China, coral held an even broader significance, symbolizing not only material wealth but also high social status. This precious gem was proudly adorned, not just for its visual brilliance but also for the acknowledgment of the prosperity and social influence it represented.

For Native Americans, coral held a special place as a sacred stone. They considered it a powerful symbol of life force energy, linking it to protection against the evil eye. By embracing coral, they aimed to harness its spiritual virtues and create a symbolic shield against negative energies.

Thus, across centuries and cultures, coral has transcended its aesthetic brilliance to become a true talisman, carrying profound meanings, protective beliefs, and social representations.

Mines: Indonesia, Polynesia, Japan, and Canary Islands.

Healing properties and benefits of coral

Coral, more than just a piece of jewelry, stands out for its beneficial health virtues.

  • It proves to be a valuable ally for the strength of bones and teeth, promoting robust bone structure.
  • Its properties are beneficial for digestion, contributing to a healthy intestinal function, and for blood circulation, thereby facilitating better tissue oxygenation.
  • The benefits of coral also extend to issues related to the spine and thalamus, potentially providing relief to discomfort associated with these crucial areas of the body.
  • Moreover, coral is renowned for improving the sense of smell, adding a sensory dimension to its health benefits.
  • Notably, coral is considered an essential protector for children during their growth. Its presence is often recommended to promote the harmonious development of bones and teeth in the young ones, surrounding them with positive energy conducive to their growth.
  • Coral is believed to be an ally in combating calcium deficiencies, providing a natural supplement to strengthen the skeletal system and prevent potential fragilities.

Thus, coral unfolds a range of holistic benefits, from bone structure to children’s growth, offering a comprehensive approach to health that transcends its aesthetic beauty.

Healing properties and benefits of red coral

  • The red coral, bearing the aquatic power of the sea and life, transcends its organic form when touched by the sun’s rays and caressed by the air. This transformation into stone gives it a profound symbolism linked to blood and, by extension, the very vitality of existence.
  • Red coral is renowned for its healing properties. It is considered an effective remedy for various ailments such as hiccups, colic, and heartburn.
  • It is also attributed with beneficial virtues for treating disorders related to the kidneys, bladder, and parathyroid, emphasizing its potential role in maintaining the balance of the urinary and endocrine systems.
  • Another dimension of the red coral’s reputation lies in its impact on fertility. Traditionally associated with the conception of a child, it is considered a valuable ally for couples wishing to start a family.
  • In the realm of women’s health, red coral is also recommended to help regulate menstrual issues, providing natural support to alleviate discomfort associated with this vital cycle.
  • It is also essential to consider the virtues attributed to the color red itself, as it is often associated with energy, passion, and vitality, thus complementing the specific benefits of red coral.


Healing properties and benefits of black coral

  • The black coral, often associated with dark connotations, actually unfolds a beneficial energy by dispelling nightmares and negative influences. Although it may evoke darkness, it acts as a protective shield, illuminating the inner path by warding off troubling thoughts.
  • This unique gem also stands as a stone of regeneration, symbolizing the ability to renew and be reborn after challenging periods. Its connection to the regeneration process makes it a talisman of hope and renewal.
  • On the physical level, black coral is utilized for the treatment of disorders related to the kidneys, bladder, and parathyroid. It thus fits into a holistic approach to health, providing specific benefits to the urinary and endocrine systems.
  • An intriguing dimension of the black coral’s reputation lies in its potential to enhance male fertility. Considered an energetic stimulant in this realm, it is often recommended for men seeking to increase their reproductive vitality.
  • In addition to these properties, it is important to delve into the virtues attributed to the color black itself. Often associated with protection, wisdom, and power, it enriches the symbolism of black coral, creating a harmonious ensemble of profound meanings.


coral, history and healing properties
"Koralli" brooch with blue coral

Healing properties and benefits of pink coral

  • The pink coral, imbued with visual gentleness and a delicate aura, is often considered a symbol of feminine fertility. Beyond its aesthetic brilliance, this gem radiates a special energy, often associated with femininity and the capacity for creation.
  • Renowned for stimulating fertility in women, pink coral is frequently worn as a protective talisman and an energetic support for those seeking to conceive.
  • Its soft color aligns with the symbolism of the heart, maternal love, and tenderness, creating an intimate connection with the emotional and physical aspects of femininity.
  • Exploring the virtues attributed to the color pink unveils a palette of rich meanings, ranging from love and compassion to gentleness and emotional healing.


Healing properties and benefits of white coral

  • The white coral, beyond its visual purity, is often considered a valuable support for children’s development. This gem, associated with clarity and innocence, is frequently chosen with the intention of creating a positive energy conducive to the harmonious growth of the youngest ones.
  • As a stone embodying the brightness of white, white coral is often used as a protective talisman for children, symbolizing purity and tranquility. It is believed that its presence promotes a soothing environment that encourages not only physical well-being but also the emotional and mental development of children.
  • Exploring the virtues associated with the color white reveals a range of profound meanings, from purity and innocence to mental clarity and inner peace.


⚠ Please note that all healing properties presented for gemstones are gathered from various sources. This information is provided as a service and is not intended to treat medical conditions. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for serious medical issues and not to rely solely on gemstones as a treatment.

Coral jewelry samples

Garance, sterling silver, coral, carnelian and agate necklace
Coral, coral reef anklet and bracelet in sterling silver and red coral
Hiko, bird wing pendant in sterling silver and red coral
Symbiosis, union pendant in sterling silver and red coral
Koralli, coral reef brooch in sterling silver and blue coral

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