Gaspeite characteristics
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Gaspeite characteristics

gaspeite, history and healing properties

Bracelet with gaspeite

The gaspeite Stone is a mineral which name comes from the region where it was found in 1966 by the mineralogists Kohls and Rodda. This discovery took place in the peninsula of Gaspe, in Canada.

It is a rare stone from the calcite group. It is an iron carbonate mixed with nickel. It is generally discovered with nickel and it used to be thrown away as rubbish when this precious ore was mined.

Gaspeite generally shows green hues, going from earthy green, brown to a quite bright green. You can also find green apple or pale green colors with some brown veins.

Stories, legends and beliefs about gaspeite

This semi-precious was discovered quite recently. It became fashionable only a few years ago and therefore, its history is quite limited.

It is sometimes said that the Australian aborigines would consider it as a sacred stone. This stone would be used as a medicine stone (or better to locate the origin of the disease) and as a talisman for luck.

Mines: South Africa, Germany, Australia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Canada, Greece, Italy, Zimbabwe, Mexico

Healing properties of gaspeite

  • Gaspeite would help the heart, the bladder and the lungs to work well.
  • It would relieve from digestion problems.
  • It would help to lose weight
  • Gaspeite would balance blood glucose.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Bliss anis, spring bracelet in sterling silver and gaspeite

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