Leopard jasper characteristics
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Leopard Jasper, history and healing properties

Ring with leopard jasper

Leopard jasper characteristics

Its name comes from the circular spots that cover a chalcedony basis. It is therefore an orbicular jasper.

It exists in almost any color, mainly with red, yellow, brown and pink spots.

History, legends and beliefs about the leopard jasper

In America, there are many legends about this stone because many Pre-Hispanic cultures had the leopard as a symbol of power.

A few stories tell that the world would have been founded on leopard jasper in order to show the harmonious relationship between man and the animal world, and more particularly with the leopard. It would help shamans connecting with their animal spirit or their animal totem. This stone was therefore often used in decoration and jewelry.

Mines: India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, France and Australia

Healing properties of the leopard jasper

  • The leopard jasper would be use quite often to avoid complications while giving birth.
  • It would help the brain and would slow down the disappearance of neurons
  • The leopard jasper would be effective when having diarrhea, colic, epilepsy, irritated colon and kidney stone
  • The leopard jasper would help reduce the body odors
  • It symbolizes flexibility and discretion
  • It would be effective against skin problems, more particularly viral ones.
  • The leopard jasper also has the same general properties than the ones of the jasper.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Delta, triangle ring in sterling silver and leopard skin jasper
Salomé, One Thousand and One Nights earrings in sterling silver and leopard jasper

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