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Picasso marble characteristics

Picasso marble, history and healing properties
"Tornado" sterling silver ring with marble Picasso

Even if it is often called jasper, this mineral is actually a marble metamorphosed in limestone. It is mainly composed of silica, calcium carbonate and magnesium. This marble shows patterns created by iron oxides that draw lines and veins.

It can show hues of grey with lines or stains. You can also find blue, beige, brown, black, yellow, greenish, purple and white colors.

You will find stains that seem to have been painted in a modern abstract style. It is the reason why it is also called like this, as a reference to the painter Pablo Picasso. Some of his modern style paintings may look like the drawings showed on this japser.

The main source to find this stone is located in the region of Utah, in the USA, where you can find the most beautiful specimens.

It is almost only used for jewelry.

Mines: Afghanistan, Australia, China, Iran, Israel, Nepal, the USA.

Stories, legends and beliefs about the Picasso marble

This stone is quite new and it has not been used a lot. Therefore, there is no data about it.

Healing properties of the Picasso Jasper

  • The Picasso marble would stimulate and strengthen the immune system.
  • It would help with blood circulation
  • It would improve digestion, especially the stomach and the intestine.
  • The Picasso marble would relieve skin problems such as herpes and eczema.
  • It would relieve bone problems.
  • It would be useful for eye problems.
  • the Picasso Jasper would help losing weight.
  • It would relieve pains of the carpal tunnel.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Picasso marble jewelry samples

Tornado, mountain storm ring in sterling silver and Picasso Marble
US $286.00

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