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Here are the models that were made as custom orders for couples for their wedding. You will find personalized rings using one of our original models in the shop and adapted to their wishes, as well as rings imagined by them.

If one of these promise or engagement rings inspires you, feel free to contact us so that we can work together on your project using your inspiration in order to create a unique jewel.

Koi, fish ring, Japanese pond in sterling silver
US $100.00
Njord, Nordic mythology ring in sterling silver, thickness 2mm
US $179.00
Divine Sun, tribal Mayan sun ring in sterling silver, 2mm thick
From US $163.00
Sincere commitment, Medieval illumination initials ring in sterling silver
US $105.00
Maya Calendar, mayan calendar long count ring in sterling silver
US $132.00
Network, geometric flower ring in sterling silver
US $85.00
Pi rings, infinity symbols personalized rings in sterling silver with custom engraving
One life, personalized statements rings in sterling silver with etchings
Duas Oras, personalized etched ring in sterling silver
Oceanid, wedding rings set with Greek wave meander in sterling silver