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The unknown clearing, Otomi animal and plant nature necklace in sterling silver and leather
130,00 Euros 98,00 Euros
Bee, pollinator insect pendant in sterling silver and amber
183.00 Euros 137.00 Euros
The shrub on the cliff, bonsai pendant in sterling silver and dendritic agate
122.00 Euros 92.00 Euros
Piercing eye, Botswana teardrop sterling silver pendant
96.00 Euros 72.00 Euros
In the quietness of dawn, deer earrings in sterling silver and moss agate beads
125.00 Euros 94.00 Euros
Water moon, moon flower earrings in sterling silver, chrysoprase and labradorite
120.00 Euros 90.00 Euros
Xylia, tree from the forest earrings in sterling silver and peridot
95.00 Euros 71.00 Euros
Huyana, Amerindian rain earrings in sterling silver and lapis lazuli
119.00 Euros 89.00 Euros