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Chrysoprase teardrop, romantic necklace in silver and chrysoprase
164.00 Euros 115.00 Euros
Sphinx, moth and moon earrings in sterling silver
152.00 Euros 106.00 Euros
Sitara, star and half-moon earrings in sterling silver
114.00 Euros 80.00 Euros
Peony, flower earrings in sterling silver and agate
159.00 Euros 111.00 Euros
The warrior born under the oak, shield and leaves earrings in silver
144.00 Euros 101.00 Euros
Autumn leaves swirl, mandala leaf earrings in sterling silver, garnet and carnelian
195.00 Euros 279.00 Euros
Inner forest, tree forest earrings in silver and aventurine
212,00 Euros 170,00 Euros
To bloom under the universe, flower and petal ring in silver and corundum
184,00 Euros 147,00 Euros
Flowering, botanical ring in silver and imperial jasper
238,00 Euros 190,00 Euros
The awakening of nature, fern earrings in sterling silver and chrysoprase
189,00 Euros 151,00 Euros
Bee, pollinator insect pendant in sterling silver and amber
183.00 Euros 137.00 Euros
The shrub on the cliff, bonsai pendant in silver and dendritic agate
122.00 Euros 92.00 Euros