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Maury Mountain agate properties

maury mountain agate, history and healing properties
"Rising tide" pendant with maury mountain agate

The Maury Mountains agate, a unique variety of moss agate, stands out with dendritic inclusions in shades of red, green, brown, or yellow on a translucent chalcedony base.

This rare stone is exclusive to the Maury Mountains, located in the state of Oregon, USA.

Explore the rarity and beauty of this gem that originates from the spectacular landscapes of the Maury Mountains, offering vibrant hues and a unique connection with nature.

Healing properties and benefits of Maury Mountain agate

In the absence of specific information, refer to the properties of moss agate, with Maury Mountains being a unique variant, and to the general virtues of agates.


⚠ Please note that all healing properties presented for gemstones are gathered from various sources. This information is provided as a service and is not intended to treat medical conditions. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional for serious medical issues and not to rely solely on gemstones as a treatment.

Maury mountain agate jewelry samples

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