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Deschutes jasper characteristics

Deschutes jasper history and healing properties
"Be brave" ring with Deschutes jasper

The Deschutes jasper comes from a zone located at the east of Biggs Junction, in the state of Oregon, USA. Its name comes from a close river named Deschutes.

This variety of picture jasper is no longer excavated because it can be found in a national park but most of it is under a highway.

It is quite similar to the Biggs jasper that knows the same excavating problems. However, the Deschutes jasper is famous for its landscape patterns which are more detailed.

The Deschutes jasper can generally be found in hues of brown, reddish brown to cream colors. It can also show blue grey colors. This jasper often shows a desert landscape with a blue sky.

History, legends and beliefs about the Deschutes jasper

Like other stones that can be found in the same area, the Deschutes jasper has always been excavated by Amerindian tribes from this place. This is a good quality stone to make tools and more particularly arrowheads. The Indian tribes are the ones of the Columbia River that are made of several groups. Among the most important ones, you can find the Yakamas, the Umatillas, the Warm Springs (or Walla Walla) or the pierced noses (Nimiipuu)

The Deschutes jasper, like the Biggs jasper, became famous because of road repairs that were made due to a flood in 1964.

Healing properties of the Deschutes jasper

  • It has the same properties than the picture jasper.
  • The Deschutes jasper is recommended for kidney problems.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Deschutes jasper jewelry samples

Be brave, sterling silver and Deschutes jasper ring

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