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Picture jasper characteristics

picture agate, history and healing stone properties
"Engelis" pendant with picture jasper

It is a brown jasper showing different color lines due to sedimentary layers or dendritic variations.

It also gives the impression of a landscape, of a scene or a picture, giving it its name. It can be found under the name of picture jasper, landscape jasper, scenic jasper or Kalahari.

Its colors vary from brown to reddish brown, black, blue, beige, ivory colors…

History, legends and beliefs about picture jasper

The picture jasper has been known for a long time. Because of its patterns reminding of landscapes, many tribes linked it to the earth and considered that it would own the ancient secrets of the mother earth.

Mines: you can find the picture jasper all around the world but mainly in Brazil, Madagascar, Egypt, Uruguay and the USA.

Healing properties of picture jasper

  • The picture jasper would help the body while recovering from an injury or a disease.
  • It would help stimulating the immune system and would help the body to get rid of toxins.
  • It would help strengthening kidneys, the stomach and the intestines.
  • The picture jasper would relieve from hernias, constipation and would help against obesity.
  • It would relieve allergies linked to chemical products.
  • It also has the same properties than the jasper in general

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Picture jasper jewelry samples

Engelis, desert wind pendant in sterling silver and picture jasper
Shandar, picture jasper, leather and sterling silver man bracelet
Shina, red sand bracelet in sterling silver, leather and picture jasper

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