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Prehnite properties

Prehnite, history and healing properties
"Moss poem" ring with prehnite

Abraham Gottlob Werner gave this name in 1813 in honor of the Dutch commandant Hendrik Von Prehn. He thought he was the discoverer of this mineral.
Actually, Balthazar Georges Sage made the oldest description in 1771 under the name of Chrysolite of the Cap.
It is the first stone that was named with the name of a person.

It is a mineral from the silicate group. It contains calcium and aluminum, even if sometimes, part of the aluminum can be replaced by iron (7% maximum).

You will find it most of the time as a mass with fibrous spherolites and beautiful tabular crest crystals.

It can go from green to yellow colors and can be also semi transparent or translucent. Prehnite can look very similar to jade and can replace it sometimes.
A rare orange version was recently discovered in South Africa and Canada.

We can find this stone under the names of Adelite, Aedelite, Bostrichite, Chiltonite, Chrysolite of the Cap, Coupholite, Prehnitoid, Schorl, copper Zeolithe or sparkling Zeolithe. It can also be called emerald from the cape in South Africa and grape jade in China (Putao Yu).

Mines: South Africa, France, the USA, India, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

History, legends and beliefs about prehnite

history and healing properties of prehnite
"Blanche de Castille" earrings with prehnite

Australian aborigines thought that prehnite could absorb and stock the sun energy. It would beam during the night and would warm up as well as discourage night creatures.

In South Africa, Shamans would think that prehnite would help to take the right decisions to guide their tribe.

Healing properties and benefits of prehnite

  • Prehnite would give good results for acne treatment.
  • It would relieve asthma.
  • It would help to get rid of extreme anxiety that is causing different diseases.
  • Prehnite would help digesting and and would fight hyperacidity and gastritis.
  • It is recommended for people suffering from sciatic problems, lumbago and abdominal pains.
  • It would relieve from anemia, kidney problems and the gout.
  • Prehnite would be useful for shoulder problems and thorax pains.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Prehnite jewelry samples

Maïa, antique roman necklace in sterling silver and prehnite
Serephina, romantic long necklace in sterling silver and prehnite
Hortense, floral cameo necklace in sterling silver, prehnite and amazonite
Moss poem, botanical cocktail ring in sterling silver and prehnite
Seraphina, baroque long necklace in sterling silver and prehnite
Seraphine, romantic long necklace in sterling silver and prehnite

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