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zircon history and healing properties
"I’ll spread my wings" pendant with blue zircon

Zircon characteristics

The zircon is a mineral formed by Zirconium silica which crystals are part of fine gems. It is sometimes a colorless crystal but that goes from golden to red hues with brown, green, blue and black hues too.

The zircon is a natural stone which can be used as an economical substitute to the diamond. For a long time, it was called "Matura diamond". It is not very resistant to pressure and bezel setting. However, do not confuse zircon with cubic zirconia (zirconium dioxide) that is an artificial and stronger stone. It is used to replace diamonds with a cheaper cost.
Because it is often used as a "substitute", it is often depreciated and not often used despite its richness and beauty.

Its name would come from the Arabian word Zarqun or "cinabre" (red) or from the Persian Zargun "golden". It could also come from the Greek word ὑάκινθος, a type of amethyst. You can also find its origin in the English word Jargoon designating clear color zircons.

Mines: India, the USA, Australia, South Africa, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Burma, Brazil, Korea, Madagascar, Mozambique, Vietnam.

Varieties of zircon

Zircon exists in a great variety of colors. Here are some of its names:

  • Bicolor zircon
  • Transparent or White zircon: wanted for its similarity to the diamond.
  • Canary zircon: due to its yellow color (like the bird)
  • Cinnamon zircon
  • Chocolate zircon: brown color stone
  • Ratanakari zircon: this names comes from the Cambodian mine where it is excavated, it is a blue stone.
  • Mashewa zircon: from the Mashewa mine in Tanzania, it has a particular orange hue.
  • Star zircon: heated blue zircon.
  • Hyacinth zircon: from yellow to garnet hues.
  • Jargoon zircon: pale yellow stone, almost colorless
  • Metamorphic zircon: green stone.
  • Pink zircon.
  • Saffron zircon.
  • Starlight zircon: blue zircon, slightly green, heated.
  • Green zircon.
history and healing properties of zircon
"Free" Blue zircon ring

History, legends and beliefs about zircon

Formed at the same time than Earth, the zircon is one of the oldest formed stones. It has been known and used for a very long time.
In spite of this antiquity, there are not a lot of information’s, myths or legends about this stone.

The zircon is also mentioned in an old Hindu poem about the mythical tree of Kalpa. This red tree was covered with precious stones and zircon leaves. It was the ultimate God’s gift.

According to some Jewish legends, an angel called Zircon would have guided Adam and Eve to the Eden garden.

The zircon is also mentioned several times in the Bible, under the old name of Hyacinth. It can be found as one of the fire stones gifted to Moses to be part of Aaron’s plastron. It is also one of the stones used to found the Celestial Jerusalem.

In the Middle-Ages, it was thought that the zircon would give a deep sleep and would get rid of bad spirits, and that it would also bring richness, honor and wisdom.

The zircon is also December birthstone.

Healing properties of zircon

  • The zircon is radioactive so you should be careful wearing it. For the same reason, it would be efficient against cancer.
  • It would soothe pains.
  • It would repair sick cells or cells with a virus.
  • The zircon would stop intestine infections.
  • It would be a good sexual stimulant.
  • It would regulate cardiac arrhythmia.
  • The zircon would relieve cramps and blisters.
  • It would relieve painful menstruations.
  • It would relieve asthma and allergies.
  • The zircon would be efficient with lung problems: bronchitis, severe cold…

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Zircon jewelry samples

Roz, kyte necklace in sterling silver and pink zircon
Glas, kyte necklace in sterling silver and blue zircon
Azure sun, escape earrings in sterling silver, gold and blue zircon
Messages at dawn, eagle earrings in sterling silver and blue zircon
US $113.00
The song of the sun, birds necklace in sterling silver and yellow zircon
US $175.00
Sky flower, celestial ring in sterling silver and blue zircon
Kileona, Warrior Shield earrings in sterling silver and pink zircon
Luinil, elven necklace in sterling silver, blue zircon and rainbow moonstone
Apis, bee earrings in sterling silver and honey zircon
Agapanthus, flower earrings in sterling silver, aquamarine and blue zircon
Sarah, blue zircon sterling silver bracelet
Free, eagle ring in sterling silver and blue zircon

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