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Agate characteristics

Agate, history and healing properties
"Autumn reflections" ring with dendritic agate

This name was given by the Greek philosoper and naturalist, Théophraste, between the 4th and the 3d century B.C. He identified this stone close to the "Achates" river in Sicilia (today, Dirillo). However, it had been more than 3000 years that different color agates had been mined in this place.

This stone is a variety of chalcedony formed by several color deposits. It is made of agglomerated crypto-crystals. This stone can be found in a wide variety of colors. Sometimes, it is artificially dyed. The process is actually quite simple because of its porosity. It seems that Roman people from the antiquity knew the technique.

Therefore, there are hundreds, or better said thousands of agates so we will only talk about the general characteristics of this stone.

Stories, beliefs and legends about the agate

The agate has been used a lot through the centuries because you could find it easily and it exists in a lot of different colors and shapes. You will find it in jewelry as well as in architecture (stained glass), and in the production of vases which was quite common during the European royalty and the Renaissance period.

It was said that Persian magicians used to burn agates to take away storms.

It is also said that the Greek king, Mithridate, had a huge collection of 4000 vases made of agate.
In the Greek mythology, the agate is associated with Mother Earth, the goddess Gaia. It also designates the goddess of the night, Nyx.

history and healing properties of agate
"Amazon" necklace with green agate

Romans would associate the agate to Aurore or Aurora, the goddess of dawn and the mother of the winds. It was also linked to Bona Dea, the goddess of virtue, protector of the women.
Romans used to appreciate this stone a lot and would think it had a lot of healing properties. For example, they would recommend consuming it as a drink mixed with water against the snake venom.

The agate is also associated with the Wales goddess Ceridwen who was the goddess of death and fertility. She is the queen of the west, of water and of the autumn season. She is the creator of magic and the queen of witches in the British mythology.

It was commonly thought that the agate was a protection stone against dangers and would protect from diseases. The agate would even protect against insect bites and thunders.

Mines: it can be found everywhere in the world but more particularly in Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Mexico, Nepal, USA, Sicilia, Uruguay and Canada.

Healing properties of the agate

There are a lot of different agates, each one with specific properties. On this site, you will specifically find some of them. However, here you will find the common healing properties for agates in general.

  • You won’t be thirsty any more if you put it in your mouth.
  • If you hold it in your right hand, it would give strength to shy people.
  • It is used for digestion problems and stomach ache.
  • The agate would increase the properties of other stones if you associate them together.
  • It would help to cure injuries
  • It would help against insomnia and would help you to dream if you place it under your pillow.
  • agate would help to avoid the baby blue after giving birth. Worn on your chest as a pendant, it would help the production of milk.
  • It would be quite effective for teeth problems.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Agate jewelry samples