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Quartz properties

quartz, history and healing properties
"Prisma" pendant with black quartz

The origin of the name of this semi-precious Stone is not really known. It could come from the word "quaterz" or "quaderz". This word was used to name bad quality ores until the end of the 16th century. According to another hypothesis, it would be the variation of a German word "gewarz" that means excrescence or sprout.
In the Middle-Ages, all crystals were named "quartz" before Georgius Agricola limited this name to rocky crystal.
Quartz can also be found under the following names: alpha quartz, azetulite, azeztulite, conite, dragonite, konilite, or lodolite. For transparent quartz, the expression "rock crystal" is often used.

Quartz is a mineral from the silicate group. You can find it as crystals of different sizes. It can be colorless, colored or smoky. After the feldspaths, quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth.

When people think of quartz, they mainly think about the transparent or translucent stone. However, quartz is actually a big family of very different stones that you can find on all the continents and will all the colors you can imagine. We will now introduce some stones of the quartz family so that you can see the variety.
the first group is made of macro crystalline quartzes: rock crystal, amethyst, ametrine, aventurine, blue quartz, citrine, milky quartz or snow quartz (quartzite), pink quartz, prase quartz, prasiolite, smoky quartz, tiger eye, eagle eye…
the second group is made of fibrous quartzes: agate, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysoprase, onyx, sard, chert, flint, jasper, heliotrope… This list is not a complete because quartz can be found like more than 500 different forms…

Because it is a strong rock and also due to its electric and bright characteristics, quartz can be found in several areas such as grounds, water purification, sandblasting, decoration, jewelry, watch making, electronic components…

History, legends and beliefs about quartz

In this description, we are mainly talking about "pure" quartz or rock crystal, because each member of this great stone family has its own story and properties.
the majority of antique civilizations used quartz as an amulet and believed it had healing properties. Quartz was used by Egyptians, Phoenicians, Celts, Indian shamans…

Just like silex, quartz could have been used by the first men to make fire because it can produce sparks upon impact with a ferrous material.

history and healing properties of quartz
"Hanging garden" necklace with phantom quartz

The oldest name that can be found for quartz is Kristallos as mentioned by Theophraste the Greek around -325/-300. This word that gave "crystal" means "ice". This tells us that at that time, it was thought that rock crystal was solidified ice that could not go back to its normal liquid state. Therefore, it was given refreshing properties.
Greeks would dedicate quartz to Gaia, the mother goddess, the earth.

According to some interpretations, the diamond that was on Aaron’s cloth as mentioned in the Bible was quartz.

Quartz is used to make the famous crystal balls used by fortune tellers at least since the Middle-Ages.

Some investigations show that Aztecs and Mayas used it to carve human skulls. According to a legend, (dating back from the 19th century), there would be 12 crystal skulls in Mexico. They would have been hidden during the Spanish Conquista. Gathering all these skulls would allow the rebirth of the Aztec empire. Then, the idea of a 13th skull was added. This skull is called the dancing skull. If placed in the middle of a circle formed by the 12 other skulls, men will receive the message and the mission coming from aliens or atlantes who would have made these objects.
Iroquois Indians would dedicate quartz to Gendenwitha, the goddess of the morning star.
Cherokee Indians thought that quartz could help them hunting and seeing the future. It was cautiously kept and needed to be fed with the blood of an animal from time to time.

Japanese would call it "tama" or "perfect jewel". It would symbolize purity and infinity. Rocky crystals were considered as the frozen breath of the white dragon which was the symbol of perfection.

Australian aborigines would link quartz to rain rituals.

According to some interpretations, the legendary cities of Atlantide or Lemurie had their technology based on quartz and its reflection of light. It would be the loss of control of this powerful energy that would have caused their extinction. According to the legend, they would have sealed all their knowledge in crystals before disappearing.

Mines: you can find it anywhere on earth but it is being especially mined in Madagascar, Brazil, Russia, the USA, South Africa and Tibet.

Healing properties and benefits of quartz

quartz, history and healing properties
"Thigh nymph" ring with pink quartz

Quartz is considered as the master of crystals and also as the most powerful curing stone because it has the full spectrum of light and allows working in any area.
In order to study the different disciplines of litho therapy such as gem therapy or lithomancy, quartz has wonderful energy strength. The proof is that this mineral is used a lot in the basic structure of watches, electric machines and in batteries, for its properties in the separation of electric charges and its vibration characteristic.

Quartz would also allow intensifying other stones' properties.

  • Quartz would stimulate the immune and blood system and would allow fighting against any kind of disease.
  • It would help fighting against ear infections.
  • It would strengthen the heart.
  • Quartz would protect the backbone.
  • It would balance diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
  • It would relieve from headaches, vertigos and dizziness.

/!\ Please note that all healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions.

Quartz jewelry samples

The solstice moon, oak leaf necklace in sterling silver and rutilated quartz
US $386.00
Sunilda, medieval shield pendant in sterling silver and yellow quartz
US $130.00
Vagabond, butterfly earrings in sterling silver and quartz
Berlingot, sterling silver necklace, anklet, bracelet
Prisma, geant pendant in sterling silver and quartz
Rose thé, sterling silver pink quartz pendant

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